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Updated 12/05/2017 01:31 PM

Every player must sign this waiver prior to participating in league sanctioned activities:  Roster Form/Waiver

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  1. Anyone age 18 and older is eligible.  Only rostered players can participate in league play.  A team using a non-rostered player will lose by forfeit.
  2. Opening Day Rosters due prior to the first game.  E-mail names only to ggibson@wnces.com
  3. 25 player limit.  (USA Softball limit is 20.  We allow 5 extra players for injuries, etc.)
  4. The roster deadline is 5 minutes prior to (team) game 9.  No changes may be made after that.
  5. Players must fill out and sign the waiver form PRIOR to participating in league activities.  Go to http://www.wnces.com/links.htm and click on Roster Form/Waivers.  The waiver must be e-mailed to ggibson@wnces.com PRIOR to the player(s) participation in league-sanctioned activities.  Sign and submit as players are added.  You don't have to get all the signatures at once.  As long as each (new) player signs the waiver and the roster is e-mailed to the league before they play, that's fine.  If a team participates in fall ball, players who have already signed the team's waiver for the summer season do not need to sign it again for that calendar year.
  6. Players may only play on one team during a season (including postseason).  If a player is found to have participated on more than one team in a season, that player will be declared ineligible for league play for the remainder of the season.
  7. Immediately upon completion of the game, scorebooks should be signed by the opposing team captain or scorekeeper (not the umpire). This serves as verification of the lineups and score.
  8. (Optional) Teams may take a picture of the opposing team's lineups and submit that, if they wish.
  9. The winning team must e-mail or text the score to George Gibson within 24 hours of the completion of the game.  E-mail to ggibson@wnces.com
  10. First name, last initial (if more than one person has the same first name) or first initial and last name must be written in the lineup to receive game credit.  Specify Jr. and Sr. etc., if applicable.  Whatever keeps us from having to contact you to clarify a name. NO NICKNAMES.  Write legibly.
  11. ALL teams should e-mail or text a picture of the lineup portion of their scorebook within 24 hours of the completion of the game.  E-mail to ggibson@wnces.com.  Make sure the picture is not blurry.  Game credits will not be awarded if the lineup is not sent before the next game (unless other arrangements have been made).
  12. After the last regular season game, scores and lineups are due no later than Monday at 7 pm.
  13. If a player is listed but did not bat, please note that on the score sheet.
  14. Players must play in at least 4 of their team's first 12 games to eligible for postseason play.  Whether or not they play in game 13 and 14 is totally irrelevant.  Roster additions can be made up until game 5 minutes prior to team game 9.  After game 9, this will be your team's roster for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs.  For Fall, players must play in at least 2 games out of 6 games.
  15. One plate appearance constitutes a game played.  Players who pinch run/courtesy run/field without a plate appearance will not receive game credit.
  16. Any team caught falsifying names will be removed from the league and forfeit their league fee.  The USA (ASA) Softball penalty for Commission of fraud - playing under an assumed name, falsifying an affidavit or roster or giving false information to (league) officials - is one (1) year minimum.