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1. Per township, borough and school regulations, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on township, borough and school property.
2. Dispose of your trash in the appropriate receptacle.  If there are no receptacles available, take your trash with you.  Do not toss cigarette butts on the ground.
3. Do not park illegally and do not park on the grass at any fields.
4. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not necessarily limited to: fighting, verbal or physical abuse, racial or ethnic slurs, inappropriate comments or behavior that may be construed as sexual harassment, profanity, obscene gestures, flagrant and violent play, taunting, trash talk, baiting, cheating, throwing or abusing equipment, destruction of field or league property, physical intimidation or abuse of an official or opponent or ANYONE at the field or on the grounds. 
5. All injuries to players, coaches and league officials occurring during league sanctioned activities must be reported immediately to George Gibson (610) 539-1573 or ggibson@wnces.com



MARSHALL STREET ELEMENTARY (field is in back of school)
(Bring your own bases)
Address: 1525 W Marshall St, Norristown, PA 19403
Starting from the intersection of Burnside Avenue and Marshall Street, it is 1 mile down Marshall Street, on the left, the school is just past the West Norriton township building.
Park behind the school.



Burnside and Oakland Field
(Bring your own bases)
Burnside Ave & Oakland Dr, West Norriton, PA 19403
Parking located beyond right field (DO NOT PARK ON BURNSIDE AVENUE)

Ground rule double: from the wall to the right field foul line. Includes any ball that hits the wall, goes over the wall 
or goes between the wall and the right field foul line.  Everything to the left of the wall is all you can get.

For the fall, (if) there is a soccer net and a set of bleachers at the edge of the outfield in left and center field. Anything that hits (or goes into) the net or bleachers is a ground rule double. Anything that goes over the net or bleachers in the air is a homerun.



East Norriton Township Park
(This field has anchored bases)
(Cpd Boundary) From Plymouth Meeting- Germantown Pike, 
(take a left on Stanbridge St and follow past the East Norriton Township Building)

Over- the- fence Home Run Limit is 3 per team per game, anything after that is an out.  
Inside-the-park homeruns do not count against the limit.




Heels and Patty Simon Fields
(These fields have anchored bases)
Entrance to the parking lot located at the intersection of Johnson Highway and Harding Blvd Norristown, PA 19401, 
as indicated by the arrow.  Heels Field is the larger of the two fields (300' fence).  Patty Simon Field is 250'

Over- the- fence Home Run Limit is 3 per team per game, anything after that is an out.  Inside-the-park homeruns do not count against the limit.


Plymouth Community Center (Walton Rd. off of Germantown Pike)
(Bring your own bases)
2915-2921 Walton Rd. Plym
outh Meeting, PA 19462
(From Stanbridge Street and Germatown Pike, head towards Plymouth meeting for 2.8 miles. 
(At Sandy Hill Rd. and Germantown Pike, you can see the Villanova-Plymouth baseball field on the left - the softball field is near it)
Take a left on to Walton Rd.  The entrance to the parking lot is a couple hundred yards on the left.

Coming from the Plymouth Meeting Mall, Walton Road is about a half a mile northwest on Germantown Pike.



Norristown High School (JV and Varsity fields)
(Bring your own bases)
Burnside Ave & Eagle Dr, West Norriton, PA 19403
Parking located at 1920 Eagle Drive, West Norriton, PA. 19403
Both fields are near the football/track field.

Any ball hit into the trees in the air is a homerun.
Any ball hit into the trees on a bounce is a ground rule double, provided (in the umpire’s judgment) the fielder makes an attempt at it.