Delta House (AKA Murderer's Row, aka Moe's Tavern)
Established by George Gibson and Bruce Gibson 1996

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2017 WNCES Coed Roster

Player #
Andrew Driver 00
Brian "Moose" James 12
Brittany Janke 19
Chelsea Detwiler 4
David Myers 7
Dominic Campellone 3
George Gibson 14
Greg Osting 22
Jim Corliss 13
Jim Peiffer 26
Joe Skala 11
Kat Trombly 2
Kevin Kochka 21
Lisa Gibson 6
Meghan McGuffin 5
Nick Zernone 8
Paul Corliss 66
Reagan Dempsey 9
Rob Dempsey 16
Steve Dunbar 31
Tim Bradbury 44


2017 East Norriton Men's League Roster
Player #
Alex Kennedy 42
Bob Hogga 23
Brock Darden 28
Chris Johnson 20
Dan Remolde 15
Dominic Campellone 3
George Gibson 14
Jason Every 9
Jim Malarkey 13
Jim Peiffer 26
Josh Kennedy 7
Mark Johnson 10
Mike Madara 1
Nick Zernone 8
Pete Marion 18
Phil Kelly 18



My nephew and co-founder, Bruce Gibson


1995 - George Gibson (left), Mike Mateleska (right). 
I'm not an Orioles fan - I got the hat during my visit to Camden Yards.  For that matter, I'm not a Penn State fan either.
I know what you're thinking - what the hell happened?  195 pounds and a lot more mobile back then


(Chris Hendricks and George Gibson)
The 2 idiots who changed the team name to Delta House - at a bar, of course.  "We were at this bar once, and..."
Where have you gone Opie Hendricks?

Notable events and achievements
Seven championships, 6 additional finals appearances
Won 5 coed championships by a single run (4 walk-offs) and a 6th one by 3 runs (tying run on deck) and a 7th by 3 (tying run on deck)
Lost a finals game by 1 run and at least 2 other elimination games by 1 run.
Won 2 East Norriton Men's League Championships
21 game winning streak (1999-2000)
Taco Bell Incident of '99
1998-2001: Knocked our arch-rivals Franks Pub out of the playoffs 3 straight years.  11-0 first round KO (Mike Mateleska and I went to Franks Pub to celebrate) and 2 Finals walk-offs (both with 2 outs and both one run down at the time)
2004: Bought matching team shirts for the first time (for us, that is an accomplishment)
Three All-Star MVPs and Homerun Derby Runner-up
2016- Four finals games, three championships (1 men's, 2 coed)!
2017- After 20+ years, we actually bought freakin' jerseys!  Finals in WNCES and EN Mens

Historical Team Standings and records

West Norriton Coed League (no umpires) - (run by Jim Shingler 1994-2003, Tom Pierson 2004-2014, George Gibson co-commissioner 2004, web master 2004-2005)
Murderer's Row
(nickname given to 1927 NY Yankees of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig)
1996-1997 (Did not make finals.  No records available)
1998- Runner-up to champion (Damage Incorporated) @ Burnside Field  (lost by one run) No standings available
1999- Champion (no divisions) 13-1, Defeated Franks Pub in Finals @ State Hospital on a walk-off homerun by Bryan Gibson (tying and winning runs)
2000- A Division Champions 11-2 (1rst place) Defeated Franks Pub in Finals @ Norristown HS Varsity Field on a walk-off error (tying and winning runs)
2001- A Division, 2-8 (5th place) No Playoffs
2002- Did not place team in league
2003- B Division - Standings not available - did not reach finals
2004 – Changed name to to Moe’s Tavern - A Division, 4-7 (5th place)
2005 through 2008- Did not place team in league
2009 – Team name changed back to Murderer’s Row- C Division, 5-9 (5th place)
2010- Changed name to Delta House - C Division 8-6 (4th place)  Lost to Master Batters in first round (by a run).

West Norriton Sunday Coed League (with umpires) - (Run by George Gibson and Pete Marion)
2011- B Division Champions  10-3 - 2nd place (Finals: 23-22 over Master Batters @ Heels Field on a walk-off hit by Kevin Kochka (tying and winning runs)
2012- A Division 9-5 (5th place) (10 teams) - Lost in first round of the playoffs to CCI @ Burnside
2013-A Division 3-11 (8th place) Lost in the first round to the Isotopes @ East Norriton
2014- A Division 8-6 (5th place) Lost in first round to eventual champions US Lawns (by one run) @ Walton Rd.
2015 - A Division 4-9 (5th place) Lost in first round to Bobbette's Bombers (by one run) @ Walton Rd.
2016 - A Division Champions 7-7 (2 losses by forfeit) - 4th place finish. (Won in semi-finals over Keystone Renegades.  Won Finals over Whitpain Tavern).
@ East Norriton
2017 - A Division Runnerup (to Depauls) 10-3 - third place (won in semi-finals over Steppys)

West Norriton Sunday Fall Coed League (Run by George Gibson and Pete Marion)
2013- B Division (3-2, Third place )  Lost in first round of playoffs
2014- Did not enter a team
2015- A Division (5-2, Second place) Lost in second round of playoffs to Depauls
2016- A Division Champions (5-1, Second Place) Won in Finals over Whitpain Tavern

East Norriton Wednesday Evening Coed League (Run by East Norriton Township)
2011- Won Championship (against Bad News Bears)
2012- Finished 2-3 (lost bragging rights playoff game to G.O.A.T.)  Did not play in finals due to weather  (Games were moved to Sunday)
2013- Lost in first round of playoffs to CCI (4-2, third place)
2014- Did not play in playoffs due to weather - Games were moved to Sunday (5-1 second place)
2015- Lost second round of playoffs to Depauls, 3rd place (3-2)
2016- Runner-up to Depauls.  (2nd place, 5-1).  Won the semi-finals game over the Bears on a walk-off grand slam by Jim Wanner.

East Norriton Sunday Evening Men's League (Run by East Norriton Township)
2013-Won Championship- Delta House defeated All-State 2 games to 1 - Second place 8-2 (8/4/2013)
2014-Lost in second round of playoffs, 7-2 (2nd place)
2015- Lost in first round of playoffs to Depauls, (3rd place, down to 4 teams)
2016- Won Championship against Whitpain Tavern, 2 games to 1 (4th place out of 4 teams)
2017- Runner-up to Allstate.  (2nd place out of 4 teams).  

Ball that Bryan Gibson hit for a two run walkoff homerun into the right-field parking lot at the State Hospital to win the 1999 WNCES Championship over Franks Pub.  Tying run was on first with 2 outs.  The softballs were lower compression, but the bats were crap back then.


(Top, from left) Nate's mom, Marlon's wife Mary, Bruce and Bryan's grandmom (on mom's side)
(Bottom, from left)  Bruce and Bryan's grandmom's sister, Bruce and Bryan's mom Angie, my mom (holding 2000 Championship trophy).


2012 WNCES B Division Champions
(We had not yet grasped the concept of team pictures)

2013 East Norriton Men's League Champions (I took over as sponsor/manager from Billy Hagner)


2016 East Norriton Men's League Champions (aka CCI West)


2016 East Norriton Men's League Champion (Lisa wouldn't let me keep the trophy - it's like the battle of the leg lamp)
Jim Malarkey has it.  He managed the team anyway.  I was more of a sponsor.

2016 WNCES A Division Champions

2016 East Norriton Fall Runner-up

2017 WNCES Spring Runnerup

2017 East Norriton Mens League Runner-up



2016 WNCES A Division Champions (Summer)


Andrew Driver - the sweet taste of victory (and beer)

Kat and Chelsea


Steve Dunbar with some large guy - 2016 WNCES  A Division Finals MVP


2016 WNCES A Division Champions

Fall 2016 WNCES A Division Champions (a team clearly in need of jerseys and a better camera)

Delta House celebrating 2016 Fall A Division Championship at Guppies


90's-present (except 2014-15): George Gibson
90's: Bruce Gibson (co-manager)
90's: Bryan Gibson (co-manager)
Early 2000's- Marlon Gibson (co-manager)
2010-2012- Chris Hendricks (co-manager)
2014-2015- Kevin Kochka
2015- Lisa Gibson

Lisa's first dugout experience, before taking over the big job as Delta House manager

Sunday West Norriton Coed All-Stars
2012- Kevin Kochka and Alyssa Koscelansky - Steve Dunbar finished runner-up in the homerun Derby
2013- Andrew Driver and Chelsea Detwiler - Chelsea won co-MVP for A/B Game
2014- Jim Wanner and Natalie Zedalis - Chelsea Detwiler was a last minute addition for B/C Game
2015- Andrew Driver and Kat Trombly - Kat won co-MVP for A/B Game
2016- Steve Dunbar and Chelsea Detwiler - Chelsea won co-MVP for A/B Game

Alyssa and Kevin (2012 All-Star Game intros - Heels Field)


Kevin Kochka (2012 Coed All-Star Game - Heels Field)

Meghan Brogan - she's the one who suggested that I start a coed league with umpires.

Steve Dunbar - Runner-up 2012 Homerun Derby (Heels Field)

2013 All-Star co-MVP, Chelsea Detwiler

2014 All-Star Game (Jim Wanner, Natalie Garrett and Chelsea Detwiler)

2014 - Andrew, Kristen and friend

George Gibson, Phillie Phanatic, Lisa, Lisa's mom


2015 A/B Sll-Star Game: Co-MVP Kat Trombly, along with George Gibson


Andrew Driver - 2015 A/B Coed All-Star Game (East Norriton August 22, 2015)

2016 A/B All-Star Game co-MVP Chelsea Detwiler

Matthew "Perp" Price, Bryan Gibson, Nate Price, Bruce Gibson

Marlon Gibson, Nate Price and Bruce Gibson


Bryan Gibson (hard to believe we're from the same family).  He was usually good for a couple of homeruns a game.
Bryan played outfield and caught anything that came his way.


Can you pick out the 12 Delta House alumni in the picture?

Until 2016, this was about the closest thing we had to a coed team picture

Lisa's first championship experience.


This has nothing to do with softball, but it's my page.


Chris "Opie" Hendricks barking some sort of instructions.

Greg Schempf, Chris Hendricks, Andrew Myers

Kristy Thompson


David Myers

Mike Mateleska

Alyssa Koscelansky

Nick Zernone

Andrew Driver


Big Jim Peiffer gets ready to launch one


Rob Dempsey (pitching), Jim Peiffer (first base)


Reagan Dempsey



Chelsea Detwiler and Kat Trombly


Brittany Janke and Kat Trombly


Joe Skala


Chelsea Detwiler (Andrew Driver coaching first)

Kat Trombly


Kim Detwiler


Chelsea Detwiler

Dominic Campellone, showing off the wheels


David Meyers watching the ball hit the mat.  Andrew Driver is trying to figure out what David is doing.

You gotta have thick skin to deal with the media.

The Phillies invited me to take batting practice...


Afterwards, I went straight to the Hall of Fame (Doubleday Field)...True story!

These pics (above) have absolutely nothing to do with softball, but again, it's my page.


Our Patron Saint


Delta House / Murderers Row / Moe's Tavern Alumni - Coed and Men's League
This list is by no means complete - it's probably missing a couple dozen players or so.
Aaron Freed 90's
Adrienne Burnheimer 2010
Al Fitch 2016-
Alex Kennedy 2014-present
Alyssa Koscelansky 2012
Andrew Beshenich 2017-
Andrew Driver  2012-present
Andrew Meyers  2009-2013
Andy Irlenborn 90's-2009
Angie Gibson 90's
Annie Myers 2011-2013
Audrey Stafford 2012
Billy Hagner  2012-2015
Bob Harner 90's
Bob Hogga 2017
Brian "Moose" James Fall 2012-present
Brian Bistline 90's-2013
Brian Dunlap 2009-2015
Brian Fields 2013-2015
Brittany Janke 2015-present
Brock Darden 2016-present
Bruce Gibson 90's-2015
Bryan Gibson 90's-2004
Chelsea Detwiler Fall 2012-present
Chris Hendricks  2009-2013
Chris Johnson 2016-present
Chrissy Brunner 90's
Christine? 90's
Christine Hamilton 2004
Chuck Carney 2016-present
Corey Thomas 2013-2016
Dan Ziegler 90's
Dan Burnheimer 2010-2011
Dan O'Hara Fall 2016-
Dan Remolde 2014(?)-present
Dan Staufenberg 2015-2016
Dave Varney 2013-2015
David Ellick, Jr. 2013-2014
David Myers 2009-present
Dennis Floria 2010-2011
Derek Angelo 2010? 1 game
Dino Dibiaso 2013
Dominic Campellone Fall 2015-present
Erika Hendricks  2009-2013
Frank Defrancesco 2015
Frank Kaelen 2009
Frank Zernone 2016-
Gary Gibson 90's
Gene Zegar 2010
George Gibson  90's- present
Greg Osting 2017
Greg Schimpf 2009-2015
Heather Leets  2012
Jason Every 2016-present
Jason Keys 2014
Jason Pinto 2016
Jeff Schlyer 2013-2015
Jenny Hood ?
Jim "Spanky" Corliss Fall 2016-present
Jim Malarkey 2014-present
Jim Peiffer Fall 2016-present
Jim Wanner Fall 2014-2016
Joe DiCicco 2012
Joe Skala Fall 2015-present
Josh Hack 2015
Josh Kennedy 2015-present
Kaitlyn Klagholz 2014
Kat Trombly 2015-present
Kayt Davis 2017-
KC Ingram 2016-present
Kelly Straub Sullivan 2016
Kevin??? 90's
Kevin Kochka  2009-2016
Kim Detwiler 2017-
Kristan Boyko Fall 2014
Kristy Thompson  2012-2013
Laura Fonash 2009
Lisa Gibson  2009-2016
Lori Schwarz 90's
Marie Carbonara 2015-2015
Mark Johnson 2017
Mark Meilhke 2013?
Marlon Gibson 90's
Matt Kenard 2013
Matt Mesaros 2016
Matthew Price 90's
Matthew "Rivers" Welch 2014
Megan Sanders 2014
Meghan Brogan  2009-2014
Meghan McGuffin 2015-present
Michael Beavers 2004
Mike Brunner (Cowboy) 2016
Mike Lannutti 2014
Mike Madara 2017
Mike Mateleska  90's-2013
Mike Valyo  2009-2011
Nancy Mateleska 2009
Natalie Zedalis  2014
Nate Price 90's-2010
Nick Zernone 2013-present
Nicole Pollini 2011-2012
Paul Benz 90's
Paul Corliss Fall 2015-present
Paula Wilson 90's
Pete Marion 2015-
Phil Kelly 2017-
Rafay Yidden 2012
Reagan Dempsey 2015-present
Rebecca Glick-Luby 2013
Renee Zegar 2009
Rick McCauliffe 2014-2016
Rob Dempsey 2016-2017
Robin Valyo 2009
Ron Alf 2017
Ron Ettore 2016
Ryan Graver 2013, 14 or 15
Ryan Griffin 2015
Ryan McKeon 2017-
Sal Capone 2013
Sarah Franzone 2014
Shannon Falcone 2013
Shelly Bauer 2010-2011
Steve Dimitry  2009-2013
Steve Dunbar  2009-present
Steve Racht 2012
Steve Thompson 2012-2013
Tara Fitch 2016-
Ted Fonash 2009
Tim Bradbury Fall 2015-present
TJ Ebner 2016
Todd Moore Fall 2015
Tom Garrett 2014
Tom Gibbons  2012-2013
Tracy Wilson 90's
Trish Kaelen 2009
Vinnie Russo 2014
Wayne Kinsey 2009